About Us

Mary Maroney has been a nurse since 1975 and is a founding partner of MaxiReturn Services. Having practiced nursing at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn for a number of years, Mary’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to form the company in 1989. Mary has the clinical experience, an understanding of healthcare technology and the ability to work effectively with all personnel across varied settings. Mary has been instrumental in the expansion of the organization into various arenas of healthcare IT. She has also served as an advisor to emerging IT healthcare companies.

“No one should feel intimidated by technology. Our job is to make sure everyone is comfortable using the systems and using them properly.” – Mary Maroney

Marie Sayour is a founder and managing partner of MaxiReturn Services. In addition to MaxiReturn, Marie had extensive experience as chief operations officer of Northeast Medical Management. She was responsible for ensuring best practice solutions in multiple physician offices located throughout the NYC metro area. Marie was able to improve outcomes by standardizing procedures and establishing policies for both front and back office staff. She is an adept recruiter with a keen ability to attract and retain talent. Her focus on seeking applicants with strong people skills has helped the company remain consistent in their ability to deliver A1 customer service to their hospital and physician clients.

“Getting the right people on board is essential. In addition to examining credentials, we also look at a candidate’s soft skills. We’ve learned that an individual’s life experiences often influence our selection process and ultimately, help us hire the right person for the job. – Marie Sayour

Patty McMahon is a managing partner of MaxiReturn Services with an expansive healthcare career in clinical, operational, quality and informatics management. Patty started her career at Maimonides Medical Center while earning her masters at New York University. Her clinical career brought her to work in several specialties with an emphasis in Emergency Care. Her consulting career focused on implementing best practices across the healthcare continuum resulting in improved operations and patient outcomes. Patty’s scope of experience, coupled with her informatics expertise provides a complete platform to meet today’s healthcare demands.

“In light of today’s health care environment and the challenges we face, we provide the tools to make your electronic healthcare record solution seamless” – Patty McMahon

Mary Rodgers joined MaxiReturn Services in 2013 where her primary role is Enterprise Business Development and Recruitment Services. Educated in Ireland Mary as had a diverse career. As the Founder of Stateside Solutions, Mary has worked extensively with Healthcare IT and Hospital organizations in both Europe and the US. Mary’s focus at MaxiReturn is to implement metrics to ensure we are delivering the best outcomes for our clients. Mary is passionate about driving sales, eager to connect people and always looking to pay it forward. She is also a business mentor and part time lecturer. – Mary Rodgers